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Kia ora!

I'm Shevaun Coker and I'm a kiwi living in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm currently working as a Senior Rails Developer for a local Melbourne company, after a few months of freelancing. Before I moved over here, I worked for the Ministry of Social Development as a Java and then Ruby dev, and then as a Rails Software Consultant for an awesome company called Abletech.

I wrote my first program during my first year of high school. It consisted of getting a Roomba-shaped robot to 'dance' across the floor while 'singing' a simple tune. I remember feeling a great sense of accomplishment after successfully programming the robot and not only that – it was fun! From that point on I knew that I when I grew up, I was going to be a programmer.

Since then I've moved from BASIC to C to Java to Ruby (with brief forays into Prolog, Assembler & Haskell) and have loved each new language even more than its predecessor.

I love writing beautiful, elegant code and am always on the look-out for better ways and tools to solve problems.

I started this blog because I got fed up with running into the same issues over and over again and realising that although I had already solved this particular problem before, my brain had completely eradicated the solution from my memory. So far it's already proved its worth as a resource I can come back to whenever necessary.